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Seeking Knowledge

Three Kings Sportswear is a company devoted to the notion that we should all try to continually learn and improve ourselves, our lives, and our community.  Whether it is through our faith, meditation, exercise, reading, listening to a lecture, or anything else, each and every day we should actively seek to improve ourselves the the community around us.  Our hope is that Three Kings can help that process for all.

Not all of us have the luxury of waking up, and clearing our minds with a yoga class, or reading the gospel, or even a horseback ride.  Some need help, whether that is how and why we should start that journey to knowledge and improvement, or keeping us on the path forward, or even getting to the point where we can help others that helped us.  That is where the Three Kings Foundation comes in; we will donate a percentage of our profits to non-denominational faith-based organizations, specifically those that have knowledge and education as part of their charter.  We used to hear all of the time about how "a mind is a terrible thing to waste," and we could not agree more.  We feel following equation:  

                           education + faith = power

This is the Three Kings mission.  We hope you will Join The Mission!

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