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Three Kings Sportswear

Fashion On A Mission

We started Three Kings Sportswear with two basic premises: We wanted to make excellent, fashionable clothing and accessories, and we wanted it to make a statement and stand for something.  Anyone can wear a shirt with a pony, or a crocodile, or any other logo on it, but those are just for status or to be "cool."  Three Kings, though, is meant to be something more.  Born out of the story of Epiphany, the Three Kings' line of products is meant for those who love our fashion (who doesn't love a crown, at the end of the day isn't a crown better than a pony?), but at the same time we wanted it to mean something.  The Three Kings, Maji, or wisemen used their extensive knowledge of astronomy to follow the new star in the East to Bethlehem.  The Three Kings have always been associated with seeking knowledge, and we feel that continually trying to learn and improve is vital to every person.

The list goes on, but the point is, if some of the social trends and secularization of society bother you, you can look great and stand tall with a Three Kings shirt, fleece, or any other piece of our sportswear collection.  Not only will you look great, but you'll be telling the world who you are and what you stand for.


Three Kings is going beyond just selling great looking sportswear; we are putting our money where our mouths are.  We are donating a percentage of our profits to non-denominational faith-based organizations that seek to improve the knowledge and education of the individuals and communities they serve.  Additionally, these donations will be made proportional to our sales; if 10% of our sales come from Alabama or Ohio, we will make 10% of our charitable donations to those areas, respectively.


Please don't forget to send us pictures of you in your Three Kings swag; we will post them to all of our social media sites for everyone to see.


Hoodies, coffee mugs, polo shirts, and many more products are on the way, so check back for new styles as they arrive.  Finally, if there are specific products you're interested in, please let us know at


Thank you for all of your support, and we look forward to seeing all of you in your Three Kings Sportswear!



J. Andrew &

Deborah Barr

Three Kings was founded by Deborah and J. Andrew Barr, who met in graduate school, as they were trying to further their own education.  Together they have followed the stars in all directions, as they have travelled the world to expand their knowledge of other cultures, other faiths, and other ways of life.  Along the way they have taken their two children with them to do the same for them.  Whether they were visiting Westminster Abbey in London, the Vatican in Rome, the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, or even temples in India, Nepal, or Vietnam, Andy and Deborah had the epiphany (pun intended) that only the rarest of cultures is truly secular, and in most places, faith and education are inextricably linked, and linked for the better.  All that said, they realized how lucky they and their children have been to have had all these "hands on" experiences, and that most will not have those same opportunities.  That is where Three Kings comes in; we are committed to helping communities by teaming with those organizations that merge education and faith for better community outcomes.

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